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I make great looking websites and also create nice things for print. I'm also pretty good with a pen and an airbrush!

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Recent Work and Projects
Toolshed music

Toolshed music
Website Design

A simple website recently created for Toolshed Music. It was a pleasure to work with this company and I look forward to updating there site soon.

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Website Design/SEO

Recommended to Toolshed Music by a client. Toolshed wanted a new clean and simple website to replace the Flash built site they originally had online. I hand coded this site as well as took all the photography.

MCR Digital

MCR Digital
Website Design

The second website I ever created, for my girlfriends company MCR Digital. MCR Digital is going for makeover redesign very soon!

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Web Design & Branding

MCR Digital is the site of a young experienced film and TV editor, producer and motion graphics artist. I made this site as a gift to my girlfriend as she needed a new look for her company.

Waterways Photo Library

Web Design & Branding

It was a challenging task to create an online photo library. I enjoyed every minute working on this project from start to finish.

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Waterways Photo Library

I created this site for a well known waterways photographer and author Derek Pratt. I created the site using my new Java script skills. I really enjoyed working on this project and learnt allot about the British waterways.

Graphic Design, Page Layout, Web Design, Web Development, Illustration, Retouching by Multi-Skilled UK based designer, artworker and super geek, Andy Copley...

Having nearly 18 Years experience under my belt working in the design & print industry, and now nearly 2 years in digital and web, I find things are always evolving. Mostly at lightening Speed. I make sure all my creations whether digital or print related, are taken to the next level with the experiences I have gained throughout my career as a creative in the advertising, print & digital trade. HTML5, CSS3 & JQuery are the languages I use to create great on-line experiences. Along with "lickable" graphic design and page layout wether traditional print or digital design! I like to surprise and please my clients, and always have a trick or few up my sleeve.
pentool branding front
pentool branding back
Responsive Web Design As Standard
I make sure that all my hand crafted websites are coded with the ability to be viewed on a host of different platforms. From the largest screen desktop computer, to the smallest and latest smart phone. Your content is available to a huge audience around the world no matter the device.
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Agency Work Examples
Examples of the sort of things I work on at London based advertising agencies. Some brands require me to follow strict brand guidelines.
  • Indesign

    I can create exciting content for print or digital with Adobe Indesign

  • Photoshop

    Photoshop helps me make eye popping visuals with it's expert tools

  • Illustrator

    My choice for vector illustration or logo design, illustrator rocks!

  • Fireworks

    I optimise images for web to perfection with it's streamlined workflow

  • Espresso

    I can code at lightening speed with Espresso, my text editor of choice

  • Coda2

    I can carefully test, simulate any web browser or device for bugs or validation errors

  • Transmit

    I will deliver your work with speed, confidence and stability, job done!

Multi-Skilled Creative Talent!

Print or digital design, I can do it all!
Let me ROCK your brand!

development process
I carefully plan your vision with research, mock-ups and wireframes.

Once I've learned from you what you need and expect from your site, it’s time to start the planning process. My design strategy for each website is simple. It is handcrafted to fit your vision. Your brief will act as the foundation of the final finished website. By providing me with some basic information, such as what your timeframes are and who the target audience of the website is - even what other websites you like etc. The more information you tell me the better. It’s especially important to know your potential target audience, because it will affect where and how the site gets viewed. For example, will your site need to be viewed on older browsers, such as internet explorer 7.

I will give your project great visual impact with lots of attention to detail.

The design phase itself is pretty straight forward. After the brief and initial planning stage, I will create several agency standard pixel perfect designs based on the brief and budget from the planning stage. During the design phase, I will ask for your feedback regularly, to make sure all specified requirements have been met. If you want to make changes to the chosen design, now is the time to do it before the coding begins. Its ten times more difficult to make what would be a simple change if you were to do it during the design phase. It can be a costly set back and production delay, if changes need to be made once coding and development has started.

Under the hood, the code of your site will be valid, neat and very stable.

Once you have chosen the killer design, I'll need to turn it into a real, live website. I hand code on the fly, all my digital projects, and never rely or use WYSIWYG software to generate code of any sort. This ensures lightweight code and fast load times and things will run accordingly. I also make sure all your websites code is valid and written to the latest W3C web standards. I browser test the sites code every step of the way to ensure things work perfectly across different browsers computers and devices. Coding is the most crucial part of the project. The sites code is like a car engine, If the code is sloppy the site will break! So all the code has to be carefully hand crafted.

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